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Shanti Y


Maker of Functional Wood-Turned Art

Burl Wood Sculptural Vessels

Shanti exclusively works with locally harvested burl wood to create astonishing pieces of functional art.

To add to the elemental mix, he often incorporates metals, crystals, and other minerals to take the nature of a piece to a place of uncommon beauty.



Shanti couples his experience and vision with the regional expression of the forest that he's grown up wandering. Every aspect, dimension, and form is fashioned into place with masterful attention and effort. Together, tree and human create something wholly new in the world. The results are the work of a lifetime.

Mineral and Metal Inlay

Maple Burl Bowl with Live Edge

Sold for $1200

Maple Burl with Jasper Inlay

Sold for $1350

Maple Burl Vase

Sold for $1200

Maple Burl Vase with Inlay

Sold for $2200

Walnut Burl Wall Piece

Sold for $12,000

Artist Statement

I am a second generational wood worker, raised in the forests of Floyd County, Virginia. I have been producing art professionally for 18 years, selling at juried art shows nationwide. I exclusively work with sustainably harvested, local hardwood burl to create one of a kind sculptural vessels. The pieces are initially prepared into rough, workable shapes with a chainsaw. For certain pieces, I mount them onto a lathe to be turned, using long-handled bowl gouges and various other chisels. For other pieces, I use grinders to sculpt organic forms by hand. Each piece is then finely sanded and hand rubbed with a urethane based oil to an immaculate finish. I often incorporate crushed stone, mineral specimens, antler, silver and copper powder inlay for dimensional artistic purposes. Burl wood lends itself to unique bark inclusions and distinct grain patterns, no two pieces are alike. I focus on form over function, transforming the diseased part of a tree into art.

-Shanti Yard

Burlwood closeup

From Tree to Art

Our endeavor is a land-based, family project. All of our pieces aim to reflect that. Our family has been living on the Little River, surrounded by Appalachian forest for three generations and running. With a few exceptions here and there, the vast majority of our wood comes from forest we have walked and played in for dozens of years. Our hope is to share with you the beauty of the land we know and love. To continue the creative life of these trees is a deep joy and honor.

Locally Harvested

Hand Crafted

Exquisite Results

Show Schedule

Stowe Foliage Arts Festival

Stowe, Vermont

October 6-8, 2023

Virginia Boardwalk Art Show

Virginia Beach, Va

October 20-22, 2023

St. Armands Circle Arts Festival

Sarasota Florida

November 11-12, 2023

22nd street Gem and Mineral Show

Tucson, Az

Jan 25-Feb 1, 2024

We'd love to Share our Art with you.


Floyd, Virgina


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